​​​"One great hire can change the face of a business"


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When you partner with TAG, you will be working directly with an established recruiting expert in your niche, and a proven professional with a track record of quickly finding high quality talent to help your business be successful. TAG has documented experience and tenacity in an industry often characterized by high turnover. We leverage our expertise and tenacity to help fill your staffing needs.

Strategies to better serve Clients:

  • Companies can expect TAG to solve their hiring needs in a timely manner by thoroughly understanding their firms products and project types; understanding position descriptions and presenting consistent pertinent candidates by finding, attracting, engaging, and assessing top talent; understanding salary/hiring budgets; scheduling timely telephone and face-to-face interviews; effectively following-up with hiring authorities to enhance retention after each step, each interview, after an offer, and every Friday afternoon if possible.

Strategies to better serve candidates:

  • TAG will keep candidates informed of trends and workforce/workplace issues; understanding their strengths and weaknesses to help them be more presentable to firms; giving accurate feedback by staying in touch and following-up through each step of the interview process; and by using proven methods that will help to negotiate and close deals in today’s very competitive job market. 
  • Top talent – worldwide competition. Baby Boomers are retiring so there is an extra high demand for top talent.